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Industrial Radiography

L-Plus screens are especially suitable for autoradiographic applications where reduced exposure times are required with the use of high-energy beta and gamma particle emitters such as 32P, 175I and 45CA. High Plus screens are also recommended for reduced autoradiography exposure times. Relative to L-Plus, High Plus screens provide higher resolutions with slightly longer exposure times. To further reduce exposure time it is common practice to lower the temperature of the entire package of film, screen(s), cassette and specimen to approximately -60ºC to -80ºC.

L-Plus screens are frequently used in industrial radiography applications that require the use of intensifying screens. Although the use of intensifying screens reduces fine line resolution, there are many applications where screens are used to significantly reduce exposure times and extend tube life. L-Plus is an effective replacement for so called “salt” screens, produced by several of the well-known x-ray film manufacturers, for NDT applications.

PFG: High output green emitting screen for direct viewing fluoroscopy applications such as baggage inspection and circuit board testing.

PFG DETAIL: Lower light output PFG screen coated at nominally half the thickness of PFG.

FSL-1: Green light emitting photo recording screen having a decay time in the microsecond range, used in high speed cineradiography applications.

G-130: Rare earth green emitting phosphor screen designed for high energy and real time imaging applications.

DRZ: Digital imaging screens offering the highest level of brightness and resolution. These screens are particularly well suited for flat panel digital imaging systems and are available in three distinct types: DRZ Standard – highest resolution digital imaging screen, DRZ Plus - a balance of high resolution and brightness, DRZ High – highest brightness digital imaging screen.

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